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7, Tintagel Close
RG23 8JE

Phone : (+44) (0) 1256 354309
Cellphone : (+44) (0) 7860 123357
Fax : -
E-Mail : james@new-beat.net
Webpage : new-beat.net

After the first 20 Years…………………….

It was in 1981 that James gained his first positive experience of Square Dancing, he attended a one-night-stand sponsored by Pairs n’ Squares S.D.C of Basingstoke, little did he know how this was going to affect the next 20 years of his life…………

James was “bitten by the bug” he couldn’t get enough Square Dancing, he would regularly dance up to 7 nights a week, so I guess it was no big surprise when he started to show an interest in, dare I say it………….. Calling !!

In 1982 James got hold of his first couple of singing calls, he practiced and practiced until he could Call them off by heart. James would always carry his records with him and would seize on any opportunity to Call them.

The one thing he hadn’t really considered was that singing in front of a mirror using a hair brush as a microphone, was slightly different to standing up on a stage calling to real dancers who were actually doing what you were Calling (well sometimes). Deep down James is a very shy and private person and all this attention and fuss was one of the things he found most difficult to deal with.

Towards the end of 1982 James was invited to Call a student class for Happy Hoedowners of Bournemouth, James readily accepted, this was the break he had been waiting for. It wasn’t long before James was travelling sometimes 3 times a week to Bournemouth to Call. While Calling for the Happy Hoedowners, James was invited to become one of the Club Callers for Southampton Squares (a club he still calls for today).

Towards the end of the eighties James was finding the journey to Bournemouth (120 mile round trip) to call for the Happy Hoedowners more difficult to make, after a lot of thought he decided that he would have to resign his position as Club Caller, James will always be indebted to the Happy Hoedowners for giving him his first real Calling opportunity.

James Calls Mainstream 53 thru A2, he presently Calls for 3 clubs, Southampton Squares, Tadley Squares and Tilehurst Swingers. Other clubs that he has been Club Caller for are Chiltern S.D.C and Adepts S.D.C.

James has a very busy Calling schedule, Calling most weekends. He is a regular staff Caller at many festivals and weekends throughout the U.K. and Europe. James has called in many countries including Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, U.S.A., Scotland, Wales and Guernsey .

One of the highlights in James’ Calling career was Calling to 150 Squares at the 2001 National Convention in Anaheim U.S.A. while being backed by the Ghost-riders Square Dance Band. Another highlight he recalls was Calling on top of a mountain in Switzerland, 10,000 feet above sea level, with nothing more than a walking stick to make the music.

James is an Accredited Member of Callerlab he is also a member of the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain.

In 2000 James was invited to become a Recording Artist for Sting Records, in addition to this, he is now Associate Producer and has made 2 trips to Nashville to co-produce music for the label.

James resides in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. He is married to Brenda and they have 2 children, Lori-Ann and Rocky, plus a dog called Fizz. Both of James’ parents Sheila and Arthur are still very active Square Dancers.

As I said at the beginning, little did he know how this was going to affect the next 20 years of his life…………

Whos Cheatin' Who? 2001 / 03 MS-53 SIR 801
On The Road Again 2001 / 08 MS-65 SIR 802
Rockin' All Over The World 2002 / 02 MS-56 SIR 803
Feels Like I'm In Love 2003 / 05 MS-50 SIR 335
Wonderful Tonight 2003 / 08 MS-58 SIR 804
Isn't She Lovely? 2003 / 07 MS-55 SIR 805
Lord Of The Dance 2005 / 04 MS-67 SIR 806
Love Me For A Reason 2005 / 11 MS-58 SIR 807

+44 (0)20 8845 5073